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There's heavy improvements - most notably, from the getgo, melee is not only tolerable but almost fun. And they are notoriously poor at dodging enemy attacks. Creative Информация Посетители, находящиеся в группе Гости, не могут оставлять комментарии к данной публикации. Интегрирован Русификатор текста и озвучки от ZoG Forum Team Независимый выбор сочетания текста и озвучки Версия игры: 1. I rented this game on ps2 once, it might have been the dumbest horror game I've ever played. В письме должны содержаться копии правоустанавливающих документов! The characters swinging the bats have received similar improvement. Чит коды, прохождения, эмуляторы, торрент, xbox360, wii, ps3, android, pc игры Жанр: Драки Язык: Английский Тип издания: Full Тип образа: ISO Проверялась на прошивке: 5. OBSCURE: Four students undertake a search for the institute to find his friend mysteriously disappeared, discovering that his institute uncovers macabre secrets. Obscure II see's some improvements from the previous game. Ван Рокель получил отпор, но не сдался, а предложил устроить грандиозный чемпионат, который и решит окончательно, кто круче.

None of my friends played it, it seems like it was all in all, an even more "Obscure" game than the first one. Но страшная месть не за горами. This is a crazy sequel for the original Obscure. Now, where do I begin? I remember it fondly, because I play it a lot when it first came out, and I had fun playing local co-op with my friends. The slowly filled-in maps are gone, along with maps altogether. Important to note that Obscure 2 is compatible with both Xbox and Dualshock. Гениальное музыкальное сопровождения окунает вас в ужасающий мир с головой. I now know 47,000 different ways to say dude.

The beautiful level design that intertwined with pleasing complexity is axed in favour of a completely linear game to almost corridor levels. Unlike the first Obscure, which was a cult classic among fans of this kind of games, Obscure 2 just kinda went by. Помимо всего прочего, игроку не стоит забывать о соседях, и захватывать чужие территории. Землю представляют звезды комиксов Marvel, а со стороны Ван Рокеля участвуют элитные злодеи, рожденные коллективной фантазией художников Marvel и дизайнеров Electronic Arts. Выбирайте бойца по вкусу, отправляйтесь на арену и не ждите пощады. The core gameplay remains the same, but instead of keeping the teens alive, the concentration is more on the narrative. Претензии российских правообладателей принимаются на email: anti.

That game is pretty short but felt almost perfect in length for me and you may need to play it twice to unlock all achievements, I missed one small key so I'll probably blow back through it again. They suffered through the longest night of their lives, chased by abominable creatures created by their principal. This ends up wasting a lot of your healing items. Mostly I'm just relieved that there was never an Obscure 3, 'cause you know that I'd feel obliged to play it, and judging by the quality arc this series has evidenced thus far, it would probably be almost intolerably "bad". The students learn that you can inhale it and get extremely high, so it's popularity begins to spread. There are save points throughout the game, where in the first game you collected CD's and you could save on the spot. But all is not right at Fallcreek University: strange flowers suddenly appear everywhere on the campus, flowers that contain a dangerous substance that induces strange but vivid dreams. Please select a specific package to create a widget for: © 2016 Valve Corporation.

Now, the survivors have picked up the pieces of their lives and gone to college. For all the cries of innovation, a certain degree of iteration is expected of any game with the same name slapped on it - a lesson Mighty Rocket Studio learned when they attempted to reboot Obscure and ended up pressured into renaming it "Final Exam". There are save points throughout the game, where in the first game you collected CD's and you could save on the spot. In this game, most of the characters Except for two of them are doomed by plot. Given that I had slightly higher expectations of this one in the wake of its more-than-serviceable predecessor, I wouldn't say that I'm "disappointed" so much as a little bewildered at just how nutty and, well, frankly "incompetent" this one so often is. Then again, this is an old game, so, I'm willing to let it slip. В процессе прохождения игры, геймер сможет строить великие Чудеса Света: знаменитые Пирамиды, Эйфелеву башню и т.


    The slowly filled-in maps are gone, along with maps altogether. Obscure had charm, and it seems like this game seriously lacks it.

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